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Friday, February 15, 2013

How to meet the Eligibility to participate in AdSense

This is the question.

And in order to be able to embed "Use" Google AdSense codes in your site/blog you must be qualified. How to qualify ?

1) Google says Get a Website .... 
In order to get AdSense codes you must have a website that is attractive to advertisers, and how is that will help you to earn money ?
Advertisers : Companies that own business and wish to promote it by creating Ads, these Ads are Google Ads that will be shown in your great website/blog, which people visit all the time and match the these companies business or products that they wish to advertise about, so when all your readers open your website to read about something, they will find Ads about something similar to what you are talking about and so, those readers will click on these Ads, and you earn money.
 Having a website is not a problem, and it is free 100%, no cost and nothing you will be charged with, you only need some HTML skills or a taste in building websites, if you don't ! then you will find someone to create it for you. Google offers publishers a free service called Blogger that enables them to create attractive and easy blogs to publish their work, and the most important part is that Blogger meets Google standards "They created it", but you can of course change the design to match your own taste.

2) You must be +18 years old ......
According to Google AdSense ( Program Participation)

You don't need to be at least 18 years old to be creative or to have something people will actually will want to see, read or visit all the time and make some money, that was not the point from this term. The point of this term is that you can not be involved in the financial issues unless you are +18 years old, assuming that you will not need more than 2 or 3 years to start making real money.

You can always involve your parents in the financial issues and make your personal details as theirs, then when you reach +18, you can edit your personal information to become yours, unless you are writing about porn or uploading porn, then i suggest you forget about AdSense.

3) Your website must comply with Google policies of use ........
If you have not yet read Google's Policies of use, then I strongly recommend that you read it carefully, you could be banned from using AdSense if your products that you use don't go side by side with these policies of use. Some people reach the cash out amount 100$ and suddenly Google banes then from cashing out their money because they did not read the policies carefully. Briefly, policies are :
1) Never click your own Ads
2) Never encourage others (Implicitly or explicitly to click your Ads)
3) Never include AdSense codes within contents that have (Porno - Hacking & Cracking - Violent - Gambling - Selling Tobaccos - Excessive profanity including but not limited to (Religions - Races ....etc.) - Drugs & Weapons selling - Any other illegal or promote to an illegal contents or actions).
4) Only these language are supported by Google AdSense :
Arabic German Portuguese
Bulgarian Greek Romanian
Chinese (simplified) Hebrew Russian
Chinese (traditional) Hungarian Serbian
Croatian Indonesian Slovak
Czech Italian Slovenian *
Danish Japanese Spanish
Dutch Korean Swedish
English Latvian Thai
Estonian * Lithuanian Turkish
Finnish Polish Ukrainian
French Norwegian

5) Never place Ads in a copyright protected materials, unless you are authorized .
6) You must meet the webmasters guidelines, such as :
- Keywords must be relevant to your content
- No hidden texts
- No doorways to pages are only created for search engines
- No deceptive contents
- Accurately describe your content
7) Publishers must not use their websites that include AdSense to participate in Paid-To-Click programs (Valid Traffic Source is a must), readers must be willingly visit your site/blog to read about your contents. Briefly, you may not :
- Use third-party services that generate clicks or impressions.
-  Be promoted through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites.
- Display Google ads, search boxes or search results as a result of the actions of software applications such as toolbars.
- Users should easily be able to find what your ad promises.
8) AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME. .
9) AdSense code may not be placed in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails or software.
10) Sites may not change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups .
11) Don't publish your own Ads on another website that already have AdSense Ads with the same layout, colors and format, it's your responsibility to ensure selling your own Ads without confusing with Google AdSense Ads.
12) You only get to publish 3 Ads on each page or 1 Ad and 2 search boxes per page .

4) 6 months period is a must to be valid Google AdSense user .....

- In some locations (China & India), in order to be a valid Google AdSense user, you must own your own site/blog for at least 6 months. Google says this step have been taken in order to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

If you're ready, just submit an application. We'll review your application and get back to you by email within about a week.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reasons why your Google AdSense earns low

New Google publishers spend time to get approved for a Google AdSense account these days due to the tight rules ,methods and conditions that Google binds them with. But who said that Google AdSense is a Get Rich Quick Company ?
Why Google AdSense earns low

If you published something only to get paid for, then you must publish something that is (Unique, Needed, Easy to transfer to clients), if you posses such product then you need to create an organization to sell your product,because AdSense will not pay you for this product. But if you are publishing your experience about using some product with the above qualities, then you will get paid if you use Google AdSense.

When you get paid for what you publish about what you know is not enough, you feel like you deserve more especially when what you know is as good as a product quality (Unique, Needed, Easy to move) for example [Knowledge]. Let see why possibly you earn low from Google AdSense :

#1 ) You are a new blogger / publisher.

When was the last time you post something in your blog ?
- Don't expect a big check from Google AdSense when your blog is not up-to-date, The word spreads so fast over the internet. What do you think is unique and needed, after an hour, it will be an old news, except; of course when you are the source of the knowledge as if you invented or discovered something.

#2 ) You don't have much visitors.

When was the last time you share your blog in social networks or relevant forums ?
- When you publish something about [ I.e: Programming ] that is unique and needed, but people who seek suck knowledge don't know you're exist. Facebook is one way to start successfully with spreading your words, knowledge seekers [ Programmers ] are there enough to make traffic for your blog, only if you have what they need. AdSense won't work for you when you get something like 200 hundreds page visits per day, but as long as you are a new blogger, please forget about AdSense now, and start making traffic for your blog/site first.

#3 ) AdSense ADS placements on your blog are not clickables.

Have you ever thought about the colors matching of your ADS and your blog/site ?
- A lot of successful blogs/sites that get more than 3000 page views per day, don't get as much clicks as they expect in order to earn much, neither because of ADS don't appear properly or the colors are uncomfortable to the eyes. Always find relations between the color of your ADS and the color of your blog/site's background, make the visitor thinks that it is a part of you content. When you post about [ Technology Android ] a lot, then your ADS 90% will be about Android relevant products, so that will be easy to make visitors click on them when you match both your site and ADS colors and blog's content.

#4 ) Write for people who click.

When you write something about Blogging or AdSense, that means you are writing for people like you, people who know ADS when they see it.
- Write for everyone, don't mind my words, but I want you to know that writing for bloggers and publishers will cause a low cost clicks. But it is up to you to decide.

#5 ) Write about something specific.

When your blog/site talks about ( Technology ), please don't talk about religion or post something about your personal life.
- ADS appear on your website/Blog due to your content categories. Why would people click on a religious AD while they read about (Technology). Make your Blog/site have an exclusive possession of specific category.

#6 ) You are desperate to earn by using all Ad networks.

New bloggers are allowed to do so, but if you wanna start the right way, let me tell you that.
- More content + Less Ad Networks = High Cost Per Click

#7 ) The location of your visitors.

Visitors from countries (I.e. Egypt or India) see your Ad but from (Indian or Egyptian) advertisers.
- When someone from Egypt visits your Blog/Site (Any country with low cost advertisers), And due to the fact that we all write blogs that are more of local nature, Say for example if we write blogs about Egyptian celebrities, entertainment, politics or places, these will mostly interest Egyptians readers. This is the only reason that I could figure out for Egypt and India advertisers that pay low cost per click on their Ads. The language you use when writing something locally defines 90% of your visitors, no matter what you are writing about (Egypt, India) News, please make it in English.

#8 ) Find the pages that have low CPC

Go back to your blog/site and use Google Analytic free tool in order to determine which pages have low CPC.
- When you find that there are some pages that don't pay you anything from AdSense or even have low CPC, you have some options:
1) Delete AdSense codes from these pages.
2) Improve AdSense  format, colors or location
3) Improve your page's content to get more traffic if you already done the previous option.

#9 ) Stop irrelevant Ads from appearing in your Blog/Site.

Stop Irrelevant AdSense ADS
Go If you are writing about software and technology, why in the world do I see Ads about religion or beauty salons ?
- People have traffic and very nice contents but these factors not making them earn money from Google AdSense codes within their beautiful work, Why?
The answer is simply because their visitors are not interested in the Ads that their pages are showing to these visitors, why would someone clicks an Ad about religion while he is reading about technology ?
Stop irrelevant Google AdSense Ad units from appearing in your blog/website is a stone key to get many clicks and earn a lot.

#10 ) You are not using Google AdWords Keyword tool.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool
If you are talking about Gas, Electricity, Android, Insurance or Loans, then you need to know how many do search for you and are willing to click Ads relevant to what they are looking for .
- What if you are already talking about a hot topic like "E.g. Saving accounts" and you don't know what keywords are needed for your page to get a high CPC Ads on your page so you can earn more money from clicks, you need to use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to provide you with the relevant keywords that pay high CPC to include in your page. Just Search Google for (AdWords Keyword Tool) and start using it.
It is so easy to use it :
1) open the Keyword tool page while you are signed in with your Google Account.
2) From above, drop down menu [Tools and Analysis] choose [Keyword Tool].
Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool
Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool
 3) Enter your keyword (I.E. Auto Loans) that you are writing about in your blog, choose the country and language and you can choose from advanced, the CPC > i.e 50 and hit search.
4) You will see results of this keyword, notice the CPC column, if this is enough for you then it is OK, if not then target a higher CPC and use the Keyword that pay much CPC in your blog which of course is relevant to your content 

#11 ) Your traffic is derived from one place only

Advertiser uses Google AdSense to promote his product, Google AdSense picks you up to place ADS on your blog to promote this product. If the advertiser wants to promote via Facebook only, then he won't be using Google AdSense.
- If all of your visitors are derived from one place I.e, then there is no real profits for advertisers from promoting their products on your blog/website, because only users will see these products, then your CPC will cost less than 0.05$ per click.
But if you are getting traffic from search engines or some social networks I.e Google+, Delicious, Twitter, Stumble upon and Facebook, then you are promoting an idea, and then you can expect a fair CPC.
My advice : share widely, don't spam and be interactive with others.
If you think I hid something, please discuss it with me in the comment box. Don't share this post unless you made sure that it worked for you.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Google Adsense Tips For Publisher Newbies - Part1

Welcome to Evry1's AdSense support.

1st, what is AdSense?!

AdSense on a site
- AdSense is a program runs by Google Inc. that allows publishers (You) in the Google Network of content sites (Your Blog, Site or any place you want to use AdSense on) to serve automatic text, image, video (Your AdSense AD), and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.
AdSense on a YouTube Videos
These adverts (ADS you use) are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue (Money or earnings) on either a per-click or per-impression basis (How you earn).
Google beta-tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a Double-Click offering (also owned by Google). 
In Q1 2011, Google earned US $2.43 billion ($9.71 billion annualized), or 28% of total revenue, through Google AdSense.

          So briefly

AdSense  is an advertising service owned by Google Inc. that you are allowed to use in order to earn money from blogs or sites that you have access to their HTML Construction (blogs, sites or Videos that you own).
ADS or AdSense units are advertisements placeholders created in JavaScript programming, it appears on your owned product (Blog, Site or Video) as : 

1) Text format

2) Image\Rich media format 

3) Text and Image/Rich media format

These Advertisement units are called (ADS) and they represent many things (I.E. Companies, Products, People,......... etc). The point/target of an AD is to promote these things (Companies, Products , ...... etc) , so these things become well-known widely, so if there's a new company , and it's starting a new production line and this company wants to announce itself or the new product, then they use AdWords service of Google Inc. which you use as AdSense as a publisher.

  So briefly

AdSense  is an advertising service owned by Google Inc. to promote others' stuff over the internet using your own owned (Sites, Blogs, Videos), so basically, you are publishing Advertises for these people or whatever have ADS for them using your own owned products.

 You can consider yourself the company's new product line promoter, when you write about something like the new company's product, and Google Inc. is your agent.

Now, assuming you have a blog, and this blog name's (Quality of life), what sort of ADS will appear on your blog ?
- The answer is : ADS that show, talk about or work with LIFE product (I.E. Insurance Companies, Safety Driving Belts).

When your visitors\audience read your articles they will notice ADS about [Life Insurance] from some Insurance company that is offering [I.E. Life Insurance Bills], then when your visitors click on these ADS in order to get to know how those Insurance Bills of this company work (This company already paid Google Inc. money for showing ADS on your blog), then you will earn money.

That means, you have earned money for taking your audience to another level of (Quality of Life) product.

But that was just an example to explain how things work, in real life things don't work mostly like this, a little different.

Things we will discuss later :
- Things you need to know before applying to Google AdSense
- Reasons why your Google AdSense earns low.
- How advertisers choose you to place ADS on your blog?
- How to get ready for AdSense? (AdSense, before your start, must read.)
- There are many advertisers with the same product, how does it work with me?
- Closer look at Google AdSense homepage, what are those tools mean (CPC, CTR ...)
- How to write a successful blog?
- How to attract advertisers who pay high?
- How to successfully place an AD on your blog?
- How to build your audience community?
- How to choose your Keywords for your blog?
- How to stop irrelevant ADS from showing in your pages?