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Sunday, March 10, 2013

AdSense HomePage understanding

Inside AdSense homepage

When you log into your AdSense account Homepage to take a look at your growing earnings you always land at the page where a part of it looks like the photo above. Google AdSense displays to you some facts about your statistics on how you are doing  !

Statistics like : Page views, Clicks, Page CTR, Page RPM, CPC, Estimated earnings. What are those? Where do they come from? How do I know if I'm doing fine or if I can do better using these statistics guide?
  • Page views
    What is AdSense page view ?
AdSense report - Page viewsIf you have a page or a website (I.e : and this domain contains many sub-domains (I.e. : , and this domain is registered and approved by AdSense revenue program for contents, but you are not displaying any Ads on the domain or the sub-domain, then Google won't count any page views in your Page views report. 
If you are displaying Ads on any of the domain or the sub-domains then every time a user will reach to your page, Google will count this visit as one visit regardless how many is your page displaying.

By setting your main time (I.e : +2Cairo GMT) , then the Page views will start counting at 10:00 Am everyday, so if 100 people reached your pages where you display your Ads from 10:00 Am on Saturday to 10:00 Am on Sunday, then your Page views report of Saturday will be 100 visits.
  • Clicks
    What is AdSense Clicks ?
While you are showing AdSense Ads on your web contents, you get visitors and those visitors are called (audiences), when many audiences reach your page at the same time then this is called (traffic). Traffic is one of the most required factors to get rich faster using AdSense, because when you get a high traffic then the chances of getting more clicks are fair enough to make your day even with one single post.

A click is counted when a visitor land on your page that is displaying AdSense Ads and click on an Ad in the page, then it counts as one click, but if the Ad type is a link Ad, then it will be counted as a click when a user clicks on the Ad inside the Ad links that he clicked before. Clicks are the keys to earn money, one click on an Ad displayed on your page can earn you more than 30$, and another click would earn you 0.05$.
  • Page CTR
    What is AdSense page CTR ?
Page CTR or Page Click-Through Rat, is a performance measuring tool that enables you to determine whether your niche [AdSense Ad Placement] is getting  clicks or not. If you placed your Ad in the right-top corner of a page (Page A) and the same Ad in the left-bottom corner of another page (Page B) and you have 200 visitors for each page (A and B) while Page A got 5 Clicks but Page B got 1 click, then your CTR would be :
For Page A CTR = (5 / 200) % is 2.5%
For Page B CTR = (1 / 200) % is 0.5%

That means that niche on page B is a waste of time, and you need to change your niche on page B to be like niche on page A because niche on Page A is more clicked by the same amount of visitors .... Why ?

There is no way we can measure the effect of your Ad placement (Niche) on the visitors' eyes because this is emotional stuff, but we have some rules here :

400 people visited your 2 pages looking for the same thing.
200 of them liked what their eyes saw and clicked on it (Page A) with a percent of 2.5%
the other 200 liked what they saw but they were not attracted to click when your (Niche) was placed like that in the page B.
  • Page RPM
    What is AdSense page RPM ?
Page RPM or Page Revenue Per 1000 Impressions, is also a measuring tool but this tool is different, how?
Page RPM lets you know how much you will earn at these current conditions when you get 1000 Ad impressions, again what do you mean? .... OK!

Let say your estimated earnings per day is 8$ and your page views are 500 then your Page RPM is :
(6 / 1000) * 1000 = 6.00$, so per month (average 1000 views/day *31 = 31000 views/month) = 6.00$ * 31 = 186.00$ per month.... How to use this figure ?

Now, it means that if your target is to make 1000.00$ per month with Google AdSense then page RPM will guide you through, so :
When (1000.00$) is the goal when the average current condition is RPM 6$, then you need 5,500 page views a day to achieve your goal, so (5,500 / 1000) = 5.5 * 6$ = 33$ per day equals (33 * 31) = 1032$ per month.

Finally, this tool is page RPM is designed and found to work on your cash goal in the future, and notice the change in your RPM to determine how much you want to earn in the future if you are willing to change your policies of publishing.
  • CPC
    What is AdSense CPC ?
CPC aka (also known as) Cost-Per-Click, is the amount of money that advertisers are willing to pay you for a single successful click on their Ad placed on your website, some advertisers pay high and some others pay low. You can monitor the CPC of your Ads from the performance report at the section of (Ad units), you will see how much the click costs for a single Ad unit.

There are several methods that a publisher can use to increase the CPC for his Ads, like :
Choosing the right Niche of the blog, Interactive blog with comments, High page rank will maximize your CPC, Make your blog available on various platforms, targeting high paying clickers from countries like USA, relevant ads on your page. The content of your website needs to be textual and informative in order to get more traffic and improve the chances of getting clicks.

Using the AdWords keyword tool will help you getting the average CPC of your Ad clicks, some sites earn high because their Ads are placed on a high paying keywords website, some others don't. There is no way to make sure that readers or visitors will click on the Ads.

  • Estimated Earnings
    What is AdSense Estimated Earnings ?
Estimated earnings are calculated daily, each time a click takes place, an estimated earning is calculated for this single click based on your CPC factor, finalized earnings are calculated at the end of each month and the change of earnings from (estimated and finalized) is slightly low, also if you are using a local currency that need to be exchanged, then the difference between that estimated and finalized earnings is based on another factor called (Ex-change Rate).

Estimated earnings are displayed in your homepage report and the performance report as well, it varies from publisher to another based on several factors like the site traffic and CPC. High traffic means, good opportunity for Ads click, high CPC means high estimated earnings.