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Friday, March 8, 2013

What AdSense is all about

Do you really want to apply to Google AdSense ?
Are you really ready to be accepted ?

Let me first tell you that if Google rejected your request or you got banned then there is no known way until now to go back in the business with AdSense. Before you apply to Google AdSense revenue program then you should read this first.

If you don't know whether you are ready or not, then I strongly suggest that you read this first and evaluate yourself. Ask yourself a question after reading this article , do I have what it takes to start applying with AdSense?

These are the steps and tips needed to become a valid AdSense user and to start earning money with Google AdSense program :
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You should have something that people want to read about.
  •  When you open the AdSense page to start using it, it says [Get more value from your online content], and that only means that Google AdSense program is all about [Contents that are online], what are those contents that AdSense supports :
      1. Contents
      2. Search
      3. Videos
      4. Mobiles
      5. Online Games
      6. Affiliates 
  • What about content, do you have a content that people want to read about ? 
AdSense, before you apply to AdSense, you need to read this first
An online content is a website that you have a full access to its HTML structure where you will be required to authenticate so when verified you will have to display Google AdSense codes within the HTML structure of this web content (Website).
Example : If you are a professional programmer and you came up with some application that many other programmers are looking for or even an application that is so much needed in the market, then you can get a website and talk all about it.

Then of course people [Beginner, intermediate and professional programmers of the same language will visit your website also clients who actually need such application will need to read about it] those readers are called [Your audience].

Then you apply for Google AdSense program to earn money from showing Ads on your website that people visit [Programmers and Software clients].
  •  What about search, do you have a content that people want to read about ?
AdSense, before you apply to AdSense, you need to read this first
Your online content (website)'s visitors may want to search for something while they are in your website, Google provides the online contents owners with Google search engine for free, where you can display Ads in the search result pages, and you earn money when people click these Ads in the search result pages.

If there are many people (audiences) who visit your website (Online content) to read about something, then they will of course use the search engine in your page to either look for something different, something better or even something cheaper.

Only those who own websites that they have access to its HTML structure can participate in this type of Google product revenue program as such as the previous (Content) product.
  • What about videos, do you have a content that people want to read about ?
AdSense, before you apply to AdSense, you need to read this first
Owning videos either because you captured them or because you have the right to own and publish under your name as a owner, is just not enough to apply for such AdSense product revenue program, besides the previous conditions, you need to own a channel and more than approximately 50000 viewers or higher view these videos, only then, will send you an e-mail to let you know that you've become a partner, therefore Google will allow you to apply to AdSense.

Linking your YouTube Channel with Google AdSense program will allow you to display in-stream video Ads, of course you can not do that manually, but Google will enable this option for you every time you upload a video or edit your previously submitted videos from video manager in your channel options.

You will earn from displaying these Ads in your channels or videos and when people click them, of course in order to get clicks from audiences, the Ads should be relevant to the video (Video title, description, keywords).
  • What about mobiles, do you have a content that people want to read about ?
AdSense, before you apply to AdSense, you need to read this first
Two types of people use this revenue program of this (Mobiles) product (1) Mobile applications or games developers (2) Mobile sites owners, If you are neither then you should forget about it. You will earn money each time people see or click on the Ads displayed on your mobile contents (App or Games, mob. Website).

The same conditions that apply on the content product up there are also the same here, when it comes to App. or games then you should know that relevancy doesn't matter, if you have what it takes to come up with a game or an application for free or prepaid then you will have the ability to apply to Google AdSense Mobiles program to earn money.

You will earn money when your application users or your game players see or click Ads that are displayed while they are using these products of yours.
  • What about Online Games, do you have a content that people want to read about ?
There is a big difference between desktop games and online games. Online games are those games hosted online within a website and can be accessed by its developer to display Ads on it, while desktop games could require online registration or online connection is not an option.

Online game developers can apply and earn money with Google AdSense revenue program of the product Online Games when they finish the game and people play it and enjoy it of course then they can earn money.

Online game developers will earn money after Google accepts their request to join the revenue program, when people see or click on Ads displayed by their choice (maybe after some level passing or at the end of the game maybe).
  • What about affiliates, do you have a content that people want to read about ?, if you are familiar with these two names then you already know that the revenues will be much, those were an example of the advertisers that advertise using the affiliate program in Google AdSense.

You can participate in this revenue program of the affiliate product after Google accepts your request to join, only apply if you have what it takes.

It is easy to apply and be accepted, it's 100% similar to the content product. You will earn money after you are accepted when you sell stuff using your website. When you place a I.e in your website, and someone decided to buy this product from, then you will get a commission for this.
Before you apply to AdSense revenue program you should read this first
If you don't have any of these qualifications, then don't apply, it is hard that you are not into something from the above, but being into something from the above is not enough to earn money.

Again, if you got banned from Google AdSense revenue program, then there is no known way to come back.

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